I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Sound Engineering under the Performing Arts Technology program, and a Bachelor of Science in Brain, Behavior and Cognitive Science under the Department of Psychology from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. I take particular interest in recording, mixing and producing music, and work in a variety of genres including pop, rock, classical, ethnic and electro-acoustic. As a musician, I play the piano, a variety of Chinese plucked-string instruments and the Javanese Gamelan.

I got acquainted with music production in 2003 as the result of my hunger for absolute control in music. After playing the piano for 17 years and attempting to conduct in several Chinese Orchestras, I realized that I was still missing the precise control I was searching for. With production, mixing and recording, I find myself having the ability to alter the finer details, and make musical decisions to help a piece become more engaging and attention-grabbing.

Apart from music production, sound and recording, I also take interest in print and webpage design, photography, and advertising. Academically, I have been exploring realms of acoustical-spatial cognition, creativity and the emotional/decisional effects of sound on people.

I am constantly looking for collaborative opportunities to work with other musicians, engineers and producers. Please feel free to contact me either via the form on my contact page, or at limwei@umich.edu. I hope you enjoy the work samples that I have included in this site!